As a long-time (I mean, relatively... I suppose about... 3 years?) blog writer, I know that at least some of you have seen me move lots of times, from alliterationhouse.blogspot.com to nextto666.blogspot.com to sprinttotheend.blogspot.com to cerntainly.blogspot.com to biketotheearth.org... and I thought that I had finally found a more permanent blog home here at fearlesstost.blogspot.com.  I guess not!

Evan and I just finished sort of setting up a WordPress installation on our fearlesstost.com website.  We sort of started building it out during the recent thing-a-day sprint, but we didn't find time to do much more than come up with an overall design for the site.  Presumably the themes on the wiki (at wiki.fearlesstost.com) and the blog (at blog.fearlesstost.com) will be changing to reflect the sort of child-like drawing theme on the main page.  For now, though, we are just happy to have the things up and running!

So it's another blog move.  I didn't even have time to get attached to this blog before now... it's only been about 3 months?  Hopefully blog.fearlesstost.com will last longer.  :)  We'll be migrating these posts to there for posterity's sake... see you there!

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