Sand slips twixt fingers,
They pause, examine a rock,
Tracing changing waves.

Thing-a-day day 3: Zen rock garden!  It was a fairly quick project (I guess they're supposed to all be, but we have some more involved things planned); basically we took a bike ride to the beach and got some sand, then borrowed some rocks from planters around the area, broke a comb in half and bent every other tooth back to make it function as a rake, and arranged our garden in an eye-pleasing manner.  The dish was something we got at Goodwill for $4.49, and the rest of the stuff was free.  Yay!

In other news, we had a Couchsurfer arrive today!  He is our second.  His name is Fried, and he's a high school student from Germany who recently graduated and is thinking about studying computer science.  He seems bright enough... and we'll try to indulge his leanings with some tours around the Valley tomorrow.

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